Writing Down Writing Goals

It is resolution season (eye rolls allowed) and most of us have some.  I spent New Years Day cleaning the house and wondering how we got to 2015 without any housecleaning robots.

Really, there are smart phones and drones but somehow it is still mostly up to women to get the dust gathered on rags or stuffed in vacuum bags. And when my phone tries to talk, it still sounds like Mac Classic’s Talking Moose circa 1993, just saying.

So, time to set some goals. I am hoping to hit 2015 a bit harder with writing. Starting by showing up at my own blog and finding my way around again.

I remember when I started this blog a friend joked if this would be where I would write about writing, spiraling into some kind of endless internet loop. And I thought, yes, I should avoid that.

Writing about writing goals is self referential and can seem kind of silly but whatever, here goes.

pre #1) get inspired often: seek inspiration in lots of places, mostly nature, but also from community including online.

1) dust off that novel I started and work on it at least a tiny bit 6 days each week.

2) use this blog, Twitter and real life to connect with fellow writers, farmers and teachers.

3) target and pitch to one new publication a month including environmental education world, parenting & farming publications.

4) read a little bit less fiction…and do use that time to do a little more writing of my own.

5) help small children learn to write and create.



  1. Love it! All except the part about reading less fiction. I am working on goals for myself (no “resolutions”) and I’m thinking about adding a fiction goal!

    This article gives me plenty of ways to rationalize my fiction habit – not least, that fiction inspires my other writing! http://mic.com/articles/104702/science-shows-something-surprising-about-people-who-love-reading-fiction

  2. A wonderful list of goals! Happy 2015!

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