Happy Birthday to my Blog – A Self-Referential Post

A year ago this week I launched this blog with this nervous sounding post.   I offer my apologies to anyone who has waited for the promised sewing posts, they were few and far between.  And also I apologize to the many who arrived at this site searching for instructions for sewing a lettuce edge, my stats say there were lots of you.  I have sewn some lettuce edging, but my method seems to break machine needles and I am sure you will have better luck looking elsewhere like here!

I had been thinking about starting this blog for a while but I had a whole list of concerns. Do I have time for it? Would it detract from other writing projects? Would it be annoying and naval gazing? Would I find myself in a silly endless self referential loop blogging about my blog (like right now)? Do I really have to choose one topic when there are  so many things to write about? People are so busy, why would anyone ever read it?

I finally decided to give it a try and so far blogging has exceeded all my expectations.  While I don’t have a huge number of readers, those of you who do read this blog have been so supportive, and I will take quality over quantity any day.  It has helped me think through some of my decisions and feel less isolated as a stay at home mom.

I was happy to host a couple of guest writers,landscape designer Cheryl Corson and a jewelry maker Emily Rosenfeld. And I have been posting sort of regularly at a Jewish Parenting blog Kveller.com. I would love to collaborate more with other bloggers, and welcome ideas and guest writers.

Blogging here has helped me write more often, which in turn seems to spur more writing ideas.  I have somehow found time for the blog, during naps or while children dug around in the sandbox.  I have published a few articles here and there and I am gearing up for more magazine type writing and other creative writing.  Rather than distracting from other writing, it seems writing begets writing, so it is win-win on that front.

I am sincerely looking forward to year 2.  I am truly grateful to each of you who read this blog, I wish I could hand you each a cupcake, or a lettuce salad, depending on your preference!  I hope you stick around to see what happens here next!

And thanks to WordPress, for making it all so easy.


  1. Tanya – Don’t forget that you inspired me to start my own blog. Count that as another valuable feather in your blogging cap! And, i agree with you re the benefits. A small group of faithful readers is worth many many salads!

    • yes, Abi I am so happy I helped get you blogging. It is fun to keep in touch this way. I love to read your blog and imagine your travel adventures, especially since I seem to consider a trip to the supermarket AND the library a journey these days! I am glad you are having fun blogging too.

  2. Happy Birthday Blog Neighbor! Thanks for the mention. I’ll do my best to contribute to The Lettuce Edge again in 2012!

  3. Cool, hopefully the spring will provide plenty of inspiration.

  4. my first time here, but am liking what I see so far! you might be interested in the new Falafel chips at TJs… http://www.wholephamily.com/2012/02/falafel-chips.html

  5. I’m learning the same thing: writing begats writing. Happy bday to the blog!

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