Blogging is Like Riding a Bike

not even my bike but it is my driveway, our tractor and our CSA veggies.

Blogging and writing in general are like riding a bike.  When we say, “it’s like riding a bike”, we usually mean that you never forget how.  The minute you start again, it is like you never stopped.   But for me it means that you have to pick up a certain momentum in order to enjoy the ride.

Ride too slowly or stop too often and you get shaky and start to question your balance.   You remember learning to ride, your chin hitting the pavement, the awful sound your teeth made slamming into each other.   You need to pick up some speed, get the wind in your face and maybe even glide down a hill.

In recent weeks, I have been doing a million new things but my writing has been shoved in the corner of the basement like my old trail bike I used to love so much.  As I write this post, I am dragging the bike from the basement, wiping away the thickest cobwebs and going for a shaky ride around the driveway.   Writing begets writing and taking a break makes me feel stuck in the mud.  The busyness is real, (children have been sick, I am applying for farm grants, adjusting the public school routine) but when I have writing momentum I manage to shove things aside for a few minutes of writing.  It is the same with being truly immersed in a novel, there is somehow time to read.  It becomes a priority, a need instead of another thing on the list.

So there we have it, a new post with hopes of a long gentle downhill slope coming around the next bend.  Thanks for reading this blog and joining me for the ride around my bumpy driveway and hopefully beyond!


  1. Tanya – I never associated writing with riding a bike since the latter is easy (for me) while the former takes lots of work. That said, I agree that when you stop writing, you get lose your momentum and confidence. I’ve not blogged in much too long, but I have been biking. At least my wheels are spinning somewhere, if not in my creative head!

  2. Hahaha, I love this. I too have been hit hard with the: Mother,homesteader,hairdresser,wife,bill payer, etc… & have fallen away from writting on my blog. So my friend, here is to us! may we continue the quest for balance. 😉

  3. Ha! I rode my bike yesterday for the first time in ages. Loved it and I love blogging.

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