Weather Drama and Learning About Snow

What better time to start a weather unit than the famous month of March.  We are definitely still in the “in like a lion” phase and there are plenty of teachable moments happening right outside our classroom doors!  And most of our students have enjoyed extra outdoor time on our unplanned “snow days” and are sharing all kinds of reports.

Elementary is starting a weather unit, learning how to read clouds, reviewing the water cycle and even building and testing made barometers.  The HDP and FDP classes both learned how to use the loops to study ice crystals. FDP has a lesson on making simple snow themed nature journals using a folded paper bag.

As the students world tour continues, I am looking for ways to integrate nature lessons and I look forward to discussing the amazing wildlife of Tanzania with the HDP friends this week. The strong focus on geography in the school opens so many doors to learn about and build our connection to nature.

In the coming week I plan to plant garden seeds with our 4-H clover buds and continuing to delve into and introduce nature journaling school wide.  As always, I welcome ideas and input from parents!


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