Spring Time Hurry

– A  guest post by husband/farmer Scott Hertzberg (who tried to post this on his blog but it wound up here, he says)


We have had a real winter this year capped off with snow a few days into official spring. Unlike last year, I do not have much planted yet, just some onions and garlic. We have a lot of greenhouse plants ready to go out and this week the weather will finally warm up enough to get them into the ground. It will be a mad dash to do six weeks of work in three weeks.Soon after we get all the spring crops transplanted we will go right into planting squash and cucumbers. I think we will be all right. The saving grace is that I sneaked a large plowing in during a brief dry period in early March. If this was when of those non-stop rainy springs when you can not plow, we would be in a real situation.

Each year is different here in the mid-Atlantic. Last year we had all our spring crops planted by this time and were harvesting by mid-April. This year the spring crops will be much later and the spring harvest period most likely shorter. Maybe in exchange the summer will not be so brutally hot and hard on the summer crops. We’ll see. The only thing I know is you got to roll with whatever the season brings.  If we had already planted this spring we would have lost everything to frost or to plants bolting (going to seed prematurely) due to being exposed to freezing temperatures.

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