Crimson Clover and an Article

It is finally spring on the farm and things are moving really fast right now. We are starting our CSA shortly, asparagus and lettuce are coming in and crimson clover is turning the fields red with flowers. Crimson clover is a cover crop that helps feed the soil by fixing nitrogen. The beautiful red flowers are a bonus and they are great for pollinators and photo ops.  I would love to find some floral designers who love them as much as I do because we have lots of it every spring.  Here is a view of the clover stand now.

crimson clover

I also want to share a new piece I have up at the Jewish Food Experience about our new olive oil with a recipe for Makura Farm Tabouli salad.  The recipe is really great and it makes me want to grow more parsley so I can make it all the time.

Thanks for reading!

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