Strawberry Summer Cake in Spring

I can’t believe how many people have landed on this blog from a comment I left on the Smitten Kitchen site about my twist on her strawberry summer cake which I wrote about in a post last winter.  I guess someone is always searching for a strawberry cake recipes on the internet.

Since I made it last time with frozen berries, I decided to try again with a batch of fresh berries since we are harvesting lots of them right now, and I sometimes find flats like this waiting for me on the kitchen counter.


Plus we had a lot to celebrate this week.  There was a birthday for Israel, a health scare that turned out to be nothing and left us feeling very grateful, and our first CSA delivery was pretty smooth and organized.   So, I had plenty of excuses to try this cake again.    And the verdict was, it is better with fresh berries than frozen, a lot better.  I would have thought there would not have been much difference because the berries are baked on the cake.

So, here is my second try at the cake. I used about one third whole wheat flour and omitted the sugar on top but otherwise followed the recipe.  It was easy, and I will make it again, maybe next time I will double it  in a larger pan. This one was gone in a matter of minutes!



  1. oh my! gorgeous! I’ll have to figure out a gluten-free version, that looks fabulous!

  2. We LOVE this cake! 🙂 So simple & so good. I also made these last week & they were delicious too – basically biscuits stuffed with strawberries!

  3. Thanks Julia! And LindsayJoy, that recipe looks awesome. I might actually make it tonight if bedtime goes fast.

  4. Wow! that is a beautiful cake and beautiful strawberries. I popped in to see what you were doing and wanted to thank you for stopping by over at Not Dabbling in Normal. Emily

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