Coming Soon – Sewing, Pickled Covercrops & Hamantashen (oh my)

It is a super busy time here with the farm season kicking off,  plus I have been on a bit of a sewing tear and working on some fiction writing.  Even though my plate feels very full, I want to update my blog more often in the coming months, probably with quicker posts.   We will see if that actually happens but in the meantime, I will tell you what I hope is coming soon.

1) a wrap up of my latest sewing adventures which includes learning to use an actual pattern not marked EASY.

2) an interview with super pickling expert Sandor Katz and my renewed efforts to try natural fermentation at home using a surprise cover crop.

3) a post about trying out some new hamentashen recipes, still trying to find my family’s favorite(s).  I will see if I can use up most of my flour stash before Passover and will incorporate some Israeli Harvest dates as filling.  Want some inspiration? Check out these hamentashen photos from the NY Times?


  1. Learning about natural fermentation is something I have on my list as well. Let me know when you are getting ready to do this and I would love to come over to learn and help!

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