A Petition to Sesame Street on Breastfeeding

A few years ago, someone pointed me to this Sesame Street clip from 1977 with the wonderful Buffy breastfeeding her baby Cody and Bigbird asking all about it.   Since that day, I have returned to the clip several times – both alone and to share with my children.

Today, I was happy to discover this piece on Huffington Post where mothers are calling on Sesame Street to bring breastfeeding back to Sesame Street.  It is actually pretty hard to fathom that it is controversial to include breastfeeding in the mix of ways to feed babies along with bottle feeding.  The piece includes several links to clips which show how breastfeeding was removed from other Sesame Street pieces over the years including this sweet version of  You’re My Baby which includes a brief breastfeeding clip that was removed from a later version.

You can sign the petition too by following this link.  This is Sesame Street we are talking about, lets hope it is an easy win.


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    Breastfeeding on Sesame Street, Please.

  2. thanks for this! I have been breastfeeding for a few years now, but I loved all the many years I did, plus the one year of tandem nursing. I will sign that petition. thanks!

  3. thanks for finding my blog and signing the petition. I think they wound up exceeding their expectations with interest which is always nice!

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