1,2,3,4 & 5 Days of Kindergarten: We did it!

As of today, my son completed his first week of kindergarten  — a full five day week complete with music, gym, walking in lines and one new “halfway friend.”  No school bus yet, but we are feeling brave enough to try it soon.  I feel like we have all learned so much we are ready for an early diploma.

The transition has been hardest by far on my 2 year old, who so desperately wants to go to school too.  She cries watching him walk away with his class and I have had to carry her screaming to the car twice. But in just a few days, she is already changing, growing and enjoying having the toys (primarily the salad spinner)  to herself.

I did not realize that she really needs some time without her brother to relax and stop trying so hard to be “big”. I am looking forward to playing with her and seeing her enjoy being herself at 2.  She spent part of the day yesterday brushing her hair and staring in the mirror saying, “look, I am perfect.”  Awesome!

My son is very matter of fact about school, he says he likes it but it is hard to pry much information out of him about the day. I feel a little in the dark, and will definitely need to get involved in the school to learn more.  He says he has a few “half-friends”, which he defines as people he talks to. He says making real friends takes a long time.  I am hoping “a long time” in his mind is another week or so.

I am exhausted from the transition, and looking forward to Shabbat and the weekend.  There is challah and chocolate cake in the oven, and I hope my son will naturally share more kindergarten tidbits and news over the weekend.

Thanks to readers who have stuck around while my blog took an August break. I hope to be back to writing regularly again!  Shabbat Shalom and Happy Weekend!


  1. Tanya – I love this blog , especially the concept of half-friends. He is wise to be cautious, to wait and see who his real friends will end up being. And, I love his sister’s “perfection!”

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