Tag Lines

I remember back when I spent a year in Israel after college, I felt like I
walked around with this giant loud tag line shouting IN ISRAEL.  For example, I would be sitting in a cafe enjoying one of those awesome sweet iced coffee drinks and thinking, I am drinking coffee IN ISRAEL, or I am riding a bus to meet a friend IN ISRAEL.  And I remember noticing near the end of my trip that the tag line was getting much quieter and even sometimes disappearing. It was starting to be normal, I was just riding a bus (that happened to be Egged) or drinking a coffee, or meeting a friend. 

I think that I have gone through the same experience getting used to being a mother, and it started over with the birth of my second.  I would be going to the library, or riding the train, or (rarely) eating at a restaurant WITH A BABY.  And just as that tag line started to quiet, I had another baby and now it was, I am going to go grocery shopping “WITH A BABY AND A TODDLER”.

Right now I am in the midst of packing for a vacation off the farm and my
list of missing items that need to be packed has shrunk from a stack of
library books, the coast guard approved life jacket,  and a bunch of other far flung items to just one small missing sandal.  And while I am still very aware that I am packing for myself plus “a preschooler and a toddler”,  I think the tag line is getting a little quieter.  I think this is finally
starting to feel like the new normal. Maybe by next summer’s vacation I will just feel like I am packing — without a tag line.

How about you, do you have a tag line?


  1. My tag line has to be WITH BOTH PARENTS GONE. Saturday would have been my Mom’s 82nd birthday though she died ten years ago last month. And Dad died 7 months ago yesterday. This painful fact is new enough not to forget for more than a day or two at a time. Tomorrow we will leave for vacation WITH BOTH PARENTS GONE. While in Maine, I will not be worrying that my brother will phone with news that Dad is in the emergency room. That worry has been replaced with a dull ache, which should fade as time allows it to become the new normal.

    • thanks for this thoughtful comment, I guess maybe we always go along with one tag line or another. And during the first year of mourning it makes sense that you would be carrying this tagline. I hope you have a relaxing trip to Maine.

  2. …..with a Full Time Job with an INSANE RANDOM SCHEDULE (I am a Youth and Program Director at a synagogue).

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