Passover is So Very Close

We will sit down for a Shabbat and Passover dinner very soon but it is not yet sunset and my husband took both children out to cover the strawberries with fabric because there is YET ANOTHER late frost warning.  Spring came so fast this year that all of our strawberries are flowering and we are having cold nights again.  This has become routine the past couple of weeks, so many late frosts!

It was a last minute scramble, but I think all of the chametz (non-Kosher for Passover food) is out of the house and dinner is ready.  We are going to do a very modified pre-school style seder tonight and draw heavily on our books from the wonderful PJ Library like the Mouse in the Matzoh Factory (great book!) and our newest addition Sammy Spider’s First Haggadah  both from  the wonderful Kar-Ben  books.  Tomorrow, we will join extended family for a slightly more adult version of the seder.

This year, I am thinking about what it means to be free, and feeling lots of gratitude that I get to raise my children during a time of peace and freedom.  It helps put small frustrations in perspective to think about much harder times in the distant and more recent past.   I will have a couple of recipes to share this week including a new type of charoset, but right now,  I better get back to the kitchen.   Chag Sameach Pesach!  And/or Happy Easter or other spring celebrations if you celebrate!

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  1. I hope you all have a wonderful family dinner & celebration Tanya! I didn’t realize the strawberry flowers could become damaged from the frost. Well, I haven’t covered my once. Looks like we will have to compare notes later.

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