Catching up and Getting ready for Sukkot


The weather has changed suddenly from the last of the summer heat to perfect autumn days with a slight nip in the air, mornings for fleece jackets at the bus stop that you will will be shed by recess. My blog has been very quiet lately, many hurdles getting in the way of regular writing.  And once I lose momentum, it is harder to get started again.  But I want to write and writing begets writing,  so here goes!

So in the way of catch up, I want to share a wonderful article that ran in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz a few weeks ago about our farm and our business importing Israeli organic farm products.  How lovely to get a visit from the amazing caterer and food writer Vered Guttman and see the article appear with beautiful photographs in the oldest daily newspaper in Israel. You can follow her blog, Modern Manna, here.

We are building a sukkah again, on the edge of our field near our newest tomato hoophouse.  Last night we chose a PTA meeting over spending the first night in the sukkah, but tonight we will get another chance with the moon not quite full, but nearly!  The fall crops are already starting, boc choi, winter squash and sweet potatoes.  And even though the holidays are early, the weather is cooperating perfectly so it feels like sukkot with the chill in the air and a few wind gusts.

And this morning I took my daughter out to help me cut one of my very favorite flowers, gomphrema or globe amaranth.  Gomphrema is one of the first flowers I ever grew and it remains a favorite, simple, lovely and not at all fussy.  It resembles a clover flower but dries beautifully and it is easy to grow.  We will dry these and possibly make some crafts out of them for the upcoming Green Craft Fair at Watkins Nature Center  and to decorate our sukkah.

I wish my readers a happy fall and/or happy new year! Thanks for staying with me, I will be back with more posts shortly including updates on the food drying project.

sukkah roof, covered in celosiacelosia sukkah



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