Babka Inspired Challah

challah with a nod to babka

I had been thinking about making a traditional babka based on this amazing looking recipe from the Smitten Kitchen which emphasizes the key to babka is the combination of cinnamon and chocolate (plus lots of butter).  I took that inspiration and tried a challah with plenty of cinnamon, chocolate chips, and extra sugar.  Otherwise I used my regular recipe and 100% whole wheat flour, so it was sweet and healthy too.

I will definitely be making this again, and I recommend it to any other bakers out there.  You just might have to be careful of little hands reaching in before you have said the blessings.  I don’t have recipe specifics, because when I make challah I sort of pour the ingredients into my mixer until it looks and feels right.  But you can start with any basic recipe and pretty safely wander off with additions!

I wish you a sweet week and thanks for reading!


  1. My Polish (maiden last name is ‘Smyrski’) and Jewish (married last name is ‘Cohen’) senses are tingling! I might just give this recipe a try! Thank you for sharing. LOVE the photo!

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