Welcome to the Lettuce Edge

post by Tanya Tolchin

Welcome to the Lettuce Edge, a new blog on farming, gardening, sewing, parenting, Jewish life and living green.

The name refers to a few things. First, I recently read that many people consider lettuce to be the quintessential vegetable, possibly representing the very essence of vegetable-ness.  I live on a small family organic vegetable farm, so lettuce (and beets, and garlic and flowers) are at the center of our lives and table.

And secondly,  I am beginning to sew and many mothers of little girls can tell you that the “lettuce edge” is as lovely as it is ubiquitous. It adorns the bottom of baby tees, the edge of ruffles and the tops of cute little socks with a soft, waving and curling edge.  So, expect some sewing related posts along the way.

And finally the name is a play on the cutting edge. I am trying to figure out new and edgy ways to approach farming, living green, parenting  and Jewish life. It might sound serious, but I promise to try to write with a sense of humor and humility — because when man (or woman) plan (a blog) — God laughs.  I hope others with similar interests will join me here.

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