Tractor Seat Slipcovers and Baby Carrots

Ready for some comic relief from real life today? Truth is really stranger (and funnier) than fiction.

Sometimes I spend time reading sewing blogs and marveling at all the adorable projects some super mothers seem to effortlessly carry out while caring for many children, homeschooling, gardening and generally doing it all.  For me, sewing and parenting are not always as easy a match.  So with that in mind, I have to share what I just found in my sewing machine compartment.  Please note, last I saw this compartment had 4 bobbins ready to go and my new seam ripper (the last one had already vanished) safely stowed.  Who knows where those things are now!

baby ducks, baby carrots no bobbins

In other news, today I found my husband on the telephone attempting to replace this pathetic tractor seat.  I am not sure if they told him that they are not made anymore or that they are super expensive but when he got off the phone he asked me (no joke) if I could sew him a slip cover!  He does have a friend who he also plans to rope into doing a little welding repair first, but still I had to laugh and then grab my camera.  All fabric suggestions are welcome, what do you think a nice light silk?

SOS tractor seat call in action


  1. Adorable!!!!
    Love the farm stories.

  2. Duct tape first, definitely. And then perhaps a padded oilcloth? In a vintage floral, of course.

  3. ooh, sounds like a trip to the fabric store, always dangerous for me.

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