Surprise in the Mail


This morning I suddenly heard the sound of lots of birds chirping.  I looked out the window expecting a flock of birds to be passing by or filling a nearby tree but I couldn’t find anything.

I stepped outside on the porch and it was so much louder.  The skies and trees were empty so I started searching around for a nest somewhere on our porch.  Since we use our porch for the farm, there are a lot of places to look like on top of the cooler, and behind it, but I couldn’t find anything.

The chirping was was so loud and so close, but I was stumped.  Finally I noticed a brown box that seemed to  appear out of nowhere on the floor.   When I peaked inside I saw it was packed with the most adorable multicolored baby chicks.   After a little more investigation and I saw that they were delivered by the post office but to the wrong address and according to the invoice there were 55 little bantam chicks packed in that box including 5 roosters.  Since we get a ton of farm related deliveries here, I guess the postman just assumed the chicks were for us.

But our porch floor is too cold for baby chicks, and the instruction sheet said not to let children less than 5 touch them because of disease risk so I did not want to bring them inside. The temptation would be too much, after one little peak my two year old immediately started talking about kissing them (kiss chicken, kiss chicken).

After a couple of frantic phone calls to the neighbor who was supposed to receive them (no answer, cell phone is off) and the hatchery in Texas,   I moved the box into one of our greenhouses which us currently full of flowering tat soi. The folks at the hatchery seemed to think that would be OK for the time being. But by tonight they will need more warmth and water and a little food.

I am hoping they will be OK out there, they really need an incubated box but it is unseasonably warm today and warmer still in the greenhouse.  I really hope that neighbor checks his cell phone messages soon, 55 new baby chicks is a huge unexpected responsibility.   In fact, I better go check on them right now!

7 pm update:

They are still here, no news from the owner (sigh)!  Now they are under a light from a neighbor, in our bathroom and have water. And here is a photo.


  1. wow, that’s something you don’t hear every day! hope your neighbor picks them up soon! seems there are always a few weak ones that don’t make it, at least for us, so best to let that happen on the proper owner’s watch 😉

    • I know, I haven’t opened the box except to peak because it let’s cold air in, so I am hoping they are all still ok. I just brought them inside as the temperature is dropping, they are in the bathroom under the 1970’s heat lamp thing we never actually use for after showers.

  2. Aw poor little chickies. I would likely have them running all over the house by this time. I hope the neighbor picks them up soon.

  3. Wow, 55, that is a lot of babies to look after. I hope the people call you soon. Keeping them warm is key. It is customary for the hatchery to send one or two above the ordered amount, because with that many one or 2 are likely to pass on. Good luck and happy mommying. 🙂

  4. Whatever happened to the chicks? Did the neighbor call before nighttime?

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