Surfing the Huge Heat Wave

First an overwhelming and unrelenting heat. My fellow farm blogger wrote about the heat here on her blog “A Year on the Farm” and it is good to know we are not alone.

Spring was suddenly banished, sent sprinting off to northern Canada, and we were thrown into blazing hot days. Then a storm came through with winds so strong and loud it felt like another world, like a dream.  My two year old immediately recognized the wind sounded wrong, scary! She sat up in bed and yelled, “need Daddy, now!” With the strange powerful wind came cool air and it was so tempting to recklessly rush out in the storm to greet the cool air, but the wind was too strong.

The damage was minimal, one branch across our roof and all of our greenhouses still standing.  A tree branch blew off and speared the ground next to my house so it appeared planted, like it grew up overnight in a story or dream. It was tucked perfectly into my landscaping next to the Camellia tree and standing 20 feet in the air, green leaves fluttering around in the wind.

Then the power went out and the heat came back. We feared for our crops that needed irrigation, which requires electricity.  Thankfully, our power was restored in time to get water to most places.  A few crops fried in the sun and the spring crops are decisively done.  The tomatoes will ripen fast now, filling large bushel baskets instead of my pockets.

It seems climate change is upon us and we all need to adapt, learn to cope with more frequent extreme weather, heat, storms, records breaking left and right.   We need to be much better prepared, camping stoves, a generator, water.  It is overwhelming! As a mother, I don’t have much time to think big picture about it though. I am focused on keeping everyone hydrated, waiting for nightfall when we can go outside and chase fireflies with the blazing sun finally tucked away.  I almost feel like we should reverse our days and nights, play outside at night and rest during the 100 degree days, is that how we will adapt to climate change?


  1. I am researching generators finally because of all this extreme weather! perhaps headlamps for working at night will be in order as well… I’d love to see a picture of that reckless tree! grateful that you only lost power for a bit, and didn’t suffer worse damage. whew!

    • yes, definitely headlamps. And maybe more winter season cropping too, we will have to take the lead from those in even hotter places like you. I think I missed the tree, it was swept away already in clean up. Thanks for commenting!

  2. melanie lynn griffin

    Wow. Scary. Good to have a farm so that you will have food when the grocery store shelves are bare (as they were here in Greenbelt MD after the storm). I hope that stories from farmers – the ones on the front lines of climate change on whom we all depend – will prompt some real action! Thanks, Tanya!

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