Summer Wish List

Amy from the great Jewish Parenting blog Homeshuling created a summer wish list and invited other Jewish mama bloggers to join her. I am happy to participate, so here is mine.  

Lake George

1) Spend plenty of time hanging out with my extended family by Lake George

 2) chase fire flies with the children and show them the night sky

3) swim a lot and generally perfect my beach momma routine (i.e. have the sunblock, sandals, towels, lunch & drinks ready and waiting)

 2) teach my 4 year old to swim..or at least get a lot more comfortable in the water

 3) teach my 18 month old some new important words like lake, sand and splash

 4) take some quiet family hikes

 5) have a regular tick check routine using my new flashlight and try not to obsess over ticks the rest of the time (like while chasing fire flies)

 6) keep blogging, finish my draft children’s book, write a little each week, nurture my new tiny writing group

 7) enjoy the farm and keep eating, cooking and freezing farm vegetables

 8)  copy Amy at Homeshuling and do a more regular Havdolah, including some under the summer stars. 

 9) reengage in helping to protect a mountain that I love near Lake George.

 10) make borscht out of the mountain of beets that are sitting in my kitchen right now

 11)  make at least one batch of naturally fermented pickles and vegetables

 12) keep decluttering and improving general household organization (why is the tape always missing when it is time to hang new art on the fridge?)

 13)  make it to number 18 on this list, since that was how Amy started it and I am all for lucky numbers (and get past nasty old number 13).

 14) help my friend market his awesome series of 30 Minute Shakespeare plays (they are great — any school group could perform them with minimal props and prep, have a great time and learn some Shakespeare.)

 15) sew a dress for myself with the help of a friend who plans to teach me to read a pattern (sort of like teaching someone to fish)

 16)  help get Israeli Harvest ready for the fall holidays.

  17) try to be a good daughter and support my parents however I am needed

 18)  stay present and calm as much as possible even when things don’t go as planned.

 That’s it. Thanks to Amy for my first meme invitation. I had to google meme to find out what it was and this is what I found.

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  1. Hi Tanya. Nice blog! Thanks for the shout out about The 30-Minute Shakespeare series. Your help has really kept things alive and moving forward! I like your Summer wish list. #18 is especially important, but they were all very nice. Good idea!

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