Strawberry Summer Cake in February

I love you WORLD

So it turns out Valentines day is a huge deal in preschool.  My son was looking forward to it for weeks and when the day finally arrived there was a party at school complete with candy, presents and yes dinosaur temporary tattoos.  He even brought home his first Valentine with a carefully lettered “I love you” message on the front. Fishing for compliments, I asked, “Is this for Dad or for me, or for the whole family.”   His answer was stunning, and humbling.  “It is for the whole world, I love everyone in the world.”  Four year olds are truly amazing creatures.

I used to be a Valentine’s day skeptic, I would call it a Hallmark Holiday and laugh at the cheap candy on display at the drug store and grocery stores.  And while you still won’t find me wishing for imported shrink wrapped roses, I have definitely come around.  I think it is my increased sense that life is short and we should focus on adding and not subtracting reasons to celebrate.  And if that means adding some extra holidays to the family calendar,  I think we should do it.

So with that in mind I went looking for a special recipe and found this one for Strawberry Summer Cake at the Smitten Kitchen.  We are lucky enough to still have several large bags of our own frozen strawberries from our farm in the freezer.  My husband throws big bags in the freezer during strawberry season, green hulls and all and we eat them all winter, usually just defrosted in a bowl.  But when I saw this recipe it seemed like the perfect fit.

So here it is, our version of Strawberry Summer Cake in February.  You can see mine is not as pretty as the one on the Smitten Kitchen site. That is in part because some of the strawberries were already pinched by one of my youngest valentines before I took the picture.  Plus, I am apparently not a food photographer!

I would definitely recommend trying out this recipe, and it is a great way to use frozen strawberries.  I think since you are cooking them, they are just as good as fresh.  And during the strawberry season,  I think I will stick with my shortcake recipe like this one from Mother’s Day, the other Hallmark holiday that I have decided to embrace.

So happy Valentines Day, I hope you found a way to celebrate too.


  1. I love that comment: “I love everyone in the world!” Precious.
    He loves the whole world, and that apparently also includes
    strawberries! I always enjoy your words, Tanya. Thanks!

  2. I noticed the same thing about (preschool) Valentine’s Day this year! Let’s enjoy it while it lasts.

  3. usually the “messiest” looking foods are the most delicious! 😉

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