Stormy Skies and May Day Strawberries

The first day of May is cold and rainy in Maryland and the sky has a stormy look that gives me the creeps after our week of dramatic weather.  While the storms turned out to be non-events by the time they reached Maryland, we still found ourselves under a tornado warning for about 45 minutes on Wednesday evening and a watch that continued much longer.

During the warning, we gathered in the interior room of our house listening to the radio and preparing to pile into the closet if we heard the sound of an approaching train. I busied myself emptying out a closet and making a little nest of jackets to sit on and wondering if I should leave our little shelter to grab bike helmets for the children.

Thankfully our tornado watch ended without incident, but the stories from Alabama and surrounding states are heart wrenching. I find myself listening more intently to the stories of parents who acted as physical shields for children.  Could I have managed that?  We feel lucky to have been spared and hope May is a quiet month for tornadoes.

very first strawberries

Despite the stormy skies, Spring is advancing on the farm.  The peas have reached knee high already, the potatoes are sprouting and the first cut flowers are blooming.  We will bring a few bouquets to a friends non-royal May Day wedding today.

And this morning during breakfast my husband brought in the very first strawberries, which were gone in moments but I did manage to snap this picture first.  You can almost taste the vitamin C in fresh picked strawberries and these were perfect.  I hope the rest of the crop is strong and that we are spared extreme weather as we move out of pre-season into the main farm season.

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  1. It was a pleasure sharing the non-tornado with you. Yesterday and today Chris and I planted 2 artichokes, plus lots of basil and eggplant. I also rescued 23 neglected lettuce seedlings, so am overjoyed at the cool grey weather so they can acclimate gently.

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