Spring on the Farm

chandler strawberries

I thought I would share some images of a few things happening on the farm. We are picking our first delicious strawberries – they are Chandlers and they are coming in beautifully right now.  My daughter (she is 2)  calls them Princess Berries and she plans to grow them when she grows up.   Of course picking and eating strawberries is great fun and the children love it. They are showing up in pancakes and smoothies too and will go into our first CSA shares that we deliver tomorrow.

Last week, these two new hives of bees sat on my mantle for a day. Believe it or not, this has happened enough times that I don’t worry about them escaping in the house, even with young children nearby.  My husband draped some of my sewing fabric over them to keep them sleepy during the day.

And here is another look of them when they were ready to be installed in the beehive at dusk.  We are hoping to do better with bees in the future.  So far, we have not harvested much honey, but have celebrated our bees great work pollinating on the farm over the years!

There is so much to see on the farm this time of year, we have tiny apples and peaches on our trees, asparagus is finishing up and we are harvesting radishes, spring onions and lovely magenta lettuce.    And we are planting our summer crop and planning for a new greenhouse and possibly even a winter season CSA this year.  Lots to look forward too.

farm walk April



  1. I know that spring must be so busy for you on the farm. But your description sounds so bucolic here…

  2. I would LOVE to keep bees (someday)…but it is like a foreign language to me. I wouldn’t know the first place to start! Right now I’m content with my very little, urban, “farm” 🙂 Happy Spring!

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