Some Writing News

About a year ago, I decided to try to do more writing, and more pitching story ideas into the world for magazines.   I have spent some time connecting with other writers, both in person and on line, and have tried to be assertive about catching my rare quiet moments to write.  I find parenting give me lots of time to think and creative inspiration, but very limited time to actually write, interruption is always imminent or already happening.  But I know it can be done, other mothers have written under far more stress.

Here are a couple of things to share on the writing front.  Last week, I was happy to win one of the writing contests at The Story Within.   Also, last year I submitted some writing  to a book about young farmers and they are publishing one of my essays called “The Bucket is Half Full.”   The book, called “Greenhorns: 50 Dispatches from the New Farmers Movement”  from Storey Press will be published next month and even has a trailer just like a movie! The Young Farmers Coalition and the closely related Greenhorns is providing  platform and a voice to new farmers across the country.

In connection the the Greenhorns book, I have been invited to speak at a couple of upcoming events including this one at the Annapolis Book Festival, where I will be on a panel called “The Politics of Food” and will get to hang out with some amazing and established writers.

As a total aside, I found the Greenhorns site when I was thinking about names for this blog, and I always associated the term greenhorns with Jewish immigrants and my own family history. I was thinking greenhorns, and green, environmental. It was one of those funny Google moments when I discovered a group representing a whole different part of me.  And guess what?  They were in the final days of taking entries for their new book about first generation farmers and I had an essay on hand I had just written for my local organic farm newsletter.  What random good luck!

It hasn’t all been that easy. I have also seen many email pitches go unanswered, and others returned with polite “no thank you’s”   But I am excited about the general forward momentum, and looking forward to whatever happens next.


  1. Congratulations on your recent coups – getting published and winning a writing contest. That’s great. Good for you to keep trying, and not getting discouraged by rejection letters or lack of responses.

  2. Very cool, Tanya, and I love the serendipitous parts!

  3. Congratulations & very exciting!!

  4. Congratulations! It’s like you said, “writing begats writing.”

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