Rosh Hashana’s Perfect Timing

honey from Israel

The Jewish Holidays bounce around the calendar quite a bit and some years I join the chorus complaining that they came too soon, when we are still in summer mode and just not ready.  But this year Rosh Hashana seems to have perfect timing.

The holiday starts tomorrow evening, less than a week after the official start of fall.  We just finished packing our largest set of orders for Israeli Harvest, our small business that supports Israeli farmers.   On the farm, our fall crops are starting to look stronger and we have already had a few cold nights. This morning I saw my first group of yellow leaves falling.

For me, the Jewish holidays feel a bit more elevated when they fall during the work week and you are surrounded by people taking the day off from their busy jobs and stepping out of firm routines.  And once you have stepped out of your own daily routine it is always interesting to watch people rushing off to meetings like it is any other day.

This year, I am ready for a new start. I am ready to stop sloshing around in the post-flood mode and step onto firmer ground.  I am ready to do some of the hard thinking that is required before Yom Kippur and hopefully (with my  husband’s help) even get through some parts of the service without stopping for childcare.   I am looking forward to joining friends and family for lunch and maybe an afternoon walk to look at all the lovely gardens on Capitol Hill.

I wish you a Happy Healthy New Year, Shana Tova and happy fall!


  1. Tanya – it was good to join you and our mutual friends for lunch on Capitol Hill. Glad to share blogging stories. I wish you well with as you continue to travel on the firm ground of 5772.

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