Rain, Floods and Standing Water

Finally, we are getting a chance to dry out after the flooding rains soaked our basement, flooded some of our fields and even toppled a few of our young apple trees whose roots had nothing firm to hold. Our problems were tiny relative to others nearby who lost their homes and businesses — but still, it has not been an easy week.

The rains on Thursday were so powerful that water started to pool
near the foundation of our house, nearby rivers overflowed their banks and we
were stunned by the photos of flooded homes and shops in our town on Facebook and the news. Later that evening we had to wake sleeping children and take cover in the dank basement during a tornado warning. The next day the rains continued and it felt like they might never stop.

The worst damage on the farm was on a field that a neighbor is
allowing us to use for the first time this year. A stand of winter squash and
watermelon were flooded and remained underwater long enough to drown. We could not walk there without the mud grabbing hold of shoes and pulling. One area is still ponding, 5 days after the rain, the ground just cannot absorb any more water.

Standing out there, watching my husband throw ruined squash on the
ground was a very sad sight. Just a week earlier we were listening to stories
from farms in Vermont and New Jersey who lost so much more. So even as the
water pooled around our ankles and we are surrounded by dying squash vines, we  were grateful that things were not worse.

By Sunday the sun came out and we harvested dozens of crates colorful acorn and butternut squash from the higher ground on that field.  So things are looking up for now, we hope the ground has a chance to drain before the next storm.

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