Passover Countdown

We are only 10 days from the first night of Passover and once again I am realizing that my house will not be cleaned to my images of Passover perfection.

I love the idea of a very deep, full house spring cleaning where any trace of chametz – both literal like cracker crumbs under car seats and figurative like the clutter that rises and puffs on surfaces and in closets—is removed.  While it is a wonderful idea that your entire home could be perfectly clean in time for Passover, I never seem to pull it off.

In part it is because it is a very busy time of year when we are in the midst of spring planting on our farm and preparing for Israeli Harvest’s holiday orders.  We have a small family business that aims to support Israeli farms by selling Israeli farm products in the US, including Passover treats.

My last couple of challah makings before Passover, I am much more apt to notice the dusty bits of flour that settle by the mixing bowl and slip into nearby drawers especially when little hands help mix. It makes me think it would be easier to ease into the holiday and stop baking a couple of weeks out.  But that is not the tradition. When we left Egypt we had to move fast, the Pharaoh was known to change his mind. There was no easing into the journey, we just picked up and left.

So in that spirit, we do the best we can in our house which usually means a smaller cleaning and putting all breads and flour products in cartons on the screened porch, away from our daily flow.   Maybe someday I will achieve something closer to the super clean perfection in my mind and find every last stray cheerio in time for the first Seder.  But in the meantime, we will do the best we can and then overlook what is left unfinished,  so we can move on to the important work of celebrating our freedom.


  1. Daunting prospect, not just spring cleaning dirt, but clearing all clutter NOW! Wonder how many supermoms succeed?

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