Famous Radishes and Catching Up

The snow has melted and we are flying into spring with lots of seeds to plant and changes underway.

If you did not see it already, our farm was featured in a Jewish farmer story in the Washington Post food section.  This was very exciting for lots of reasons. First, Susan Borocas the writer wound up interviewing two of my farming mentors for the story including the farmer from the very first farm I interned on when I was in college.  Second, they used several of my photos and a recipe.  And finally, they even tested my recipe and dressed it up better than I ever could have done for a photo shoot.

I also wrote a piece I have wanted to write for YEARS, about my grandmother’s community Jewish-ish cookbook. It reminds me that there was a time when we were all a lot less caught up in our cultural identity. It felt good to finally write this piece, since I had it on my mental to do ever since I visited the Miami Jewish museum almost 10 years ago and had the idea for it.

In farm news, we are newly certified organic again which will be helpful as we start to move into more wholesale and value added products this year.  We will see how it goes but I plan to use this blog to report on farm activity this spring.  Things are germinating.


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