Bringing in the Heavy Hitters

When I wrote, Eulogy to a Greenhouse in February I promised to add updates as we built our new greenhouse.    In the past few weeks, we have made some progress and the new structure is taking shape.

We now have all of the side bars in place and more than half of the top bars.   The side pieces actually went in very easily thanks to the awesome High and Heavy Hitter made by (I love the company name)Wheatheart that we were able to rent from our local extension office. If you like machines you can click on this link to see a video of it in action.  We were able to pull it behind our tractor and basically knock all of the side pieces into the ground with a giant hammer almost as easily as sinking birthday candles into a cake.  That part went so much faster and was way more fun than the rubber mallet method we used last time.

The center pieces still need to be lifted up and held in place by exhausted arms while being attached.  We had a former CSA member come out to help last weekend, and along with my husband they managed to get more than half of the top bars in place. This weekend we are relying on some neighborhood high school students to come help with the last bars.

We are hoping we will finish the top bars and possibly be able to pull on the plastic this weekend.  Pulling on the plastic is a lot like raising a very big sail on a boat.  It takes several people pulling ropes attached to one side of the plastic while someone else runs around with a pole to release any bits that are stuck.  Unlike a sail boat, we need to wait for a windless day to pull on the cover,  so hopefully the weather will cooperate. It can be a dramatic moment when the cover is suddenly pulled into place,  giving the hoophouse walls, a roof and an instant sense of place.

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