Late May Farm Update

The farm news is we are in a major summer crop planting push and are working to empty the greenhouse and put thousands of plants in the ground (peppers, tomatoes, squash, eggplant, basil, other herbs etc.)   We recently  mowed down most of our cover crops, but here is a photo of the rye, winter pea mix that is still standing.  You can see that the pollinators love this planting.  The Austrian Winter Pea flower is beautiful, it looks like a sweet pea flower but is so much easier to grow here in Maryland where the summers are too hot for sweet peas. In fact, temperatures hit 90 this week and it is still May so we are worried about our lettuce going to seed.

In other farm news, I was happy to be interviewed on Greenhorns Radio, a radio show about young farmers last week and talked about Jug Bay Market Garden,  farming,  community organizing, parenting and writing.  You can listen to the interview here if you like and also follow links to learn more about the Greenhorns and a related a fun young farmer organization with big plans. They seem to be filling an important niche in organizing and I look forward to seeing what they accomplish and helping out where I can.  

We seem to be heading into summer a little faster than we expected.  I am hoping the temperatures will cool down for another couple of weeks of spring but the heat might force our spring crops to go to seed early and speed up the summer crops.   Time will tell, we are not in charge.

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