Introducing the Perfect Flower

bb shot

cornflower or bachelors button in full bloom

So it turns out we have been growing flowers for ten years now and that is a while.  We have raised lilies, glads, snapdragons, asters and all manner of zinnias and sunflowers. We have learned about selling to florists, wholesalers and farmer’s market customers.  We have brought flowers to weddings and parties and some of our flowers have even found their way to the White House. We have dried them, made wreaths and filled our dining room table countless times with abundant bunches.  But I feel like the super simple blue cornflower on the long delicate stem is the best of all.   I love the simplicity of one color blossom and one color stem.  They grow easily, they can light up a whole field, they will sway in the slightest breeze and a single stem can make a table special.  But wait, there’s more — they dry well, they are edible, they are so truly blue.  Most blue flowers are secretly purple, but these are so blue there is even a color names for them — cornflower blue.


  1. I adore cornflowers. Why oh why have I never thought of growing them myself? Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. I love that color, the photo, and your description. Thanks for the good words,Tanya!

  3. And they even have a crayon named after them. The blossom is much more beautiful however!

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