Hurricanes, Elections and Croup (oh my!)

I want so much to make this little blog shine but I seem to be stumbling and falling over dozens of distractions and writing hurdles, large and small.  I will have to develop new strategies to keep writing even when it gets hard.  No need to leap hurdles gracefully when there are ways to crawl underneath, sneak around, or knock them down.

Here are 7 reasons my blog has been so quiet this fall:

1) We all had colds by many names: croup, regular colds, bronchitis, possible sinus infections. I lost lots and lots of sleep and spent what would have been my “writing time” googling my spectrum of concerns from “unnecessary antibiotics” to the very spooky sounding (tuh,tuh, tuh) “walking pneumonia,”  and “can you break a rib coughing?” (answer surprisingly yes, but I just pulled a muscle).

early in the day when she still thought her plastic pumpkin was for leaf collecting!

2) Somewhere in there I pulled together some pretty silly Halloween costumes at the last minute.   I am happy to have neighbors who plan elaborate parties, just showing up in costume seemed like enough effort this year.

Halloween was extra spooky this year with Hurricane Sandy and the election hanging over our shoulders.  But the costumes were cute.

3) Hurricane Sandy actually passed us by and we are so grateful that our hoophouses and farm were spared any real damage.   But there was still at least a week lost to preparing, fretting and battening down the farm, especially the hoophouses which continue to remind me of land ships that need to secured for rising tides and waves.  I learned that having Halloween candy in the house and worrying about an impending monster storm is a really bad combination, I ate way too many mini-chocolate bars.

Post Election Day Cake Miracle (Do you see the U.S. with a prominent Florida? Kind of, sort of? Stay with me here.)

4) Oh, yeah. The election happened, so I spent my writing time making calls for President Obama, praying that Nate Silver was right, fussing over the latest polls and eating yet more candy. What a happy election night it was for us!

5) I wrote a SARE farmer grant  for experiments with commercial scale low tech food dehydrators.   I spent other potential writing time immersed in amazing, brilliant design ideas from the past 50 years like this 1940’s model from UC Davis for a dreamy community scale dehydrator.  Think of all the kale chips you could make in here!

Organic Dates and Olive Oil from Israel

6)  My husband and I got caught up in some giant pre-Chanukah synagogue sales for our small business supporting farms in Israel.  If you want to fry your latkes in the best organic Israeli olive oil, you know where to come, just saying.

7) The moment I hit “new post” to write this piece a neighbor called to tell me there are horses loose in the road  by my house.  I don’t own any horses, but of course I got right up from my little writing station to rush out and see if I could help, even though I would have no idea how to handle a loose horse (here, horsey, horsey, horsey?)


8) And strange but true, I was ready to end my list at the lucky number 7, but my doorbell just rang. I assumed it was about the horses but for the first time in about 10 years a couple of Jehovah’s Witnesses stopped by with just one question: “If you could ask God one thing what would it be.”   I told them it was a personal question and sent them on their way,warning them to drive slowly due to loose horses. Really, what’s next?


  1. Very fun blog Tanya! I can Relate to life taking over… I think we all can!

    Nice to hear your words; Let’s talk soon!

  2. Don’t tempt fate by asking, “What’s next?” It might be Mormons! Hope everyone is recuperating.

  3. Busy! Glad Sandy passed you by. And that election cake looks good:-)

  4. Honestly Tanya, you make me laugh! Just think, this is supposed to be the farmers down time of the year,ha!

  5. lol, i would have said here horsey too!

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