I baked my own Mother’s Day Cake

Mother's Day Cake, Strawberries and Whipped Cream

Ok, I admit it, I baked my own Mothers Day cake.  But I like baking and the baby was napping and my son was out planting tomatoes with Dad, so it was easy. And the strawberries were hand picked for me and left washed and shiny on the counter.

After a bit of searching a couple of years ago I found my “house” yellow cake recipe which I used for this cake.  It’s called “Natural Yellow Cake Mix” from the Whole Foods website.  There are a few things I love about this recipe. First, the cake tastes great as is and and people always ask for the recipe, so I know others like it too.  Also, it is easy and a blank slate, you can add orange juice and it is breakfast cake, chocolate frosting for birthday cake and fresh whipped cream with strawberries for Mother’s Day Cake.  I also like that it doesn’t call for shortening, since I am still not sure what that is and I am pretty sure it is super unhealthy.  And finally you don’t need to “soften the butter” which can be the bane of my existence since I live in a microwave free house and for several months of the year our heat is turned down way too low to soften butter on the counter. You just have to cut the butter and drop it into the food processor as if you were making scones or pie crust. Easy.  And whipping cream and chopping strawberries is pretty self explanatory.

The picture above only half disguises that I let my son have a piece while we waited for the cream to whip.  But he deserves a lot of Mothers Day credit too, since it was his birth that turned me into a mother in the first place. Plus this year, he has wished me a Happy Mother’s Day about 30 times and made the awesome suggestion that we turn it into Mother’s Week because he wants more cake.  Sounds like a plan to me! Happy Mother’s Week.


  1. Happy Mother’s Day [week] Tanya. I think this holiday started as a commercial thing but deserves to exist beyond its Hallmark status. Glad you made a cake for yourself!

    I feel the same about cake mixes.. and love to bake too!



  3. Delicious! Your posts are always so lovely… Happy Mother’s Week!

  4. thanks for your comments and support. Having readers is what makes blogging so much more fun than keeping a journal. I appreciate you taking the time to read my posts when there are so many things to read in the world!

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