First Green

If you look closely at this picture you can see thin, green lines of sugar snap peas coming up in the beds.  Even though the germination looks pretty good, we are a long way from harvest.  These tiny shoots are very attractive to deer and groundhogs and now that they have emerged from the soil, we need to scramble to protect them.

It’s hard to imagine that if all goes well, in just a couple of months these plants will be tall enough to require six feet of trellis which we will piece together from old tomato stakes and flower netting.  Once the trellis is in place, the whole area looks far too inhabited and maze like to attract deer and groundhogs.  But in the mean time, these little plants are vulnerable. Our best defense is this thin

deer fence

strand of deer fence which we will power up with a little solar panel.  Hopefully, that will be enough to give these little plants the head start the need.

Beyond the pea bed, you can see a nice stand of winter rye which we use as a cover crop to add nutrients to the soil and protect against erosion.  And beyond the rye, the camera caught a few trees in their “nature’s first green is gold” phase.  If you are so inspired, you can refresh your memory and read the rest of Robert Frost’s poem here.

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