Cucumber Water: Take that, heat wave

It is very hot and too dry in Maryland, right now. It is the kind of heat that comes with pages of warnings attached to it on We are laying low inside, without central air it is an effort to keep cool and hydrated. Somehow, my husband is out there doing farm work anyway, mostly irrigating and trying to keep crops from frying in the field.  At least the tomatoes are happy out there.  And the cucumbers, we are picking three kinds right now – regular slicers, Armenian and Indian Poona.

Inside, I have been coming up with all sorts of new drinks to tempt the little ones into drinking more water and I just stumbled on the new household heatwave hit!  It is easy, you might want to try it too, just put a handful of very thinly sliced cucumbers and lemon slices into cold water. The flavors almost immediately start to “steep” and it is super refreshing and pretty too. Of course, you can add whatever else you have on hand like peppermint, but this is a great combination.

Also, it is way too hot to bake challah, so I am mulling options.  I might just find myself trying to braid cucumber slices this evening.  I would love to hear any heat wave challah ideas!

I hope you are finding ways to keep cool!



  1. Hey Tanya, Love the idea. I would love to do a trade for some cucs. I want to do a taste test comparison.

  2. sounds good, we have the three, and I need to get to pickling.

  3. this sounds amazing – I will be trying it tomorrow! Thankfully (at 38 weeks pregnant!) we have central air so we’ve been chilling out at a comfortable 75degrees & reading lots of books & playing with lots of play-doh 😉

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