Compostable Toys and Farm Photos

Again, I am guilty of not keeping up with the farm blog now that the farm is kicking into the real season.  We are so busy with the CSA, selling flowers to a wholesaler and trying to connect with more chefs that writing has been falling by the wayside, and so many writing ideas are slipping away! That’s OK, I will keep trying.

I have to share this photo I took of a project my two year old did with the newly harvested baby squash.  She spent a long time moving them around and arranging them until she was happy with the organization. I think she tried to get the most of the smallest ones together and she was also talking about some different family combinations as she worked (daddy squash, sister squash).  I was happy to see her enjoying the novelty of something new in the house and it made me wish more of our toys were this ephemeral and compostable because just like a new toy, they will not hold interest for very long. But with squash, that’s perfect because we can just eat them or compost them.


I want to share a few more images of where we are in the season right now.  I was happy to get to sample the first of our potatoes.  These were just dug as samples, they are really not ready yet and will hopefully produce lots more before we dig them for real.  They were such a treat!

first potatoes – purple, pink, yellow

Here are the last of our summer crops hardening off outside the hoophouse. Last night, I moved all these trays inside in advance of a major thunderstorm and today they are back outside.


Our main seedling house (below) is now half overtaken by peppermint.  This perennial did what I always dream a perennial will do when I buy a  new one — established itself and became a big part of our life.  I use this peppermint all the time and I even want to start calling this hoophouse “peppermint house” since  we are always asking each other “which hoophouse” and they really need names.

Tomatoes in another hoophouse that are still green but look so promising.

And finally, my Nikko Blue Hydrangea, a plant that I love so much, even though they are everywhere.  I hope to propagate this plant and get a commercial sized planting in, right now there are just two plants.

And on the farm, we have had a nice long spring season.  We are still harvesting lettuce, spring onions and radishes and we are sliding towards our summer crops.  I can’t wait for those tomatoes to ripen!



  1. I would love to have an idea of how big your farm is. I had no idea you had such large hoophouses (actually I didn’t know you had any). Your photos don’t do justice to how big and beautiful and productive your farm is. I would love to get a better sense of it.

    • I guess an overview of the farm would be a great idea. We farm about 10 acres all together, patching together different fields ours plus neighbors. We have three hoophouses and plan on a 4th this year. I will write it up and put it in the “about” section, thanks for the feedback.

  2. I’m also looking forward to your tomatoes! Thanks for posting pictures of your wonderful farm, it is nice to see where our csa share is coming from! (In the four years we’ve been a part of your csa we’ve never made it out to visit… maybe this year)

    -Karen (and David)

    • thanks Karen! That encourages me to take more pictures. You are welcome to visit sometime, it seems like we have similar age children. We used to do farm open houses and we should probably get back to it at some point.

  3. I think you should give your hoophouses names, it sounds fun and practical!

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