Famous Radishes and Catching Up


The snow has melted and we are flying into spring with lots of seeds to plant and changes underway. If you did not see it already, our farm was featured in a Jewish farmer story in the Washington Post food section.  This was very exciting for lots of reasons. First, Susan Borocas the writer wound up interviewing two of my farming mentors for the story including the farmer from the very first farm I interned on when I was in college.  Second, they used several of my photos and a recipe.  And finally, they even tested my recipe and dressed …

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Babka Inspired Challah

challah with a nod to babka

I had been thinking about making a traditional babka based on this amazing looking recipe from the Smitten Kitchen which emphasizes the key to babka is the combination of cinnamon and chocolate (plus lots of butter).  I took that inspiration and tried a challah with plenty of cinnamon, chocolate chips, and extra sugar.  Otherwise I used my regular recipe and 100% whole wheat flour, so it was sweet and healthy too. I will definitely be making this again, and I recommend it to any other bakers out there.  You just might have to be careful of little hands reaching in …

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Natural Play on the Farm

tasting greens in January

I am not going to pretend that my children go outside to play every day.  There are plenty of days in Maryland that are too cold, or too hot, or too windy to play safely outside.  But today we took a little walk outside and it turned out to be so inspiring.  I love how creative children are with play especially when they are out in nature. A ladder set aside from a job becomes a natural obstacle course for learning balance. We do not have much in the way of an outdoor playground and it is at these moments when …

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Potato Planting

antique potato planter in action

It is always an event when my husband teams up with a neighboring farmer to break out this restored antique potato planter that actually works amazingly well.  They are pulling it with a small tractor. The machine digs a trench, drops the potatoes in and covers them up all in one pass.  They are planting fingerlings and purple potatoes today. It is great fun to watch this machine in action, and the children found it especially fascinating. Since we used to plant potatoes by hand and know what a slow process that can be, it is a bit miraculous to watch …

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