Famous Radishes and Catching Up


The snow has melted and we are flying into spring with lots of seeds to plant and changes underway. If you did not see it already, our farm was featured in a Jewish farmer story in the Washington Post food section.  This was very exciting for lots of reasons. First, Susan Borocas the writer wound up interviewing two of my farming mentors for the story including the farmer from the very first farm I interned on when I was in college.  Second, they used several of my photos and a recipe.  And finally, they even tested my recipe and dressed …

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Fear the Turtle: FDA’s One Sided Food Safety Regulations

The FDA is accepting public comments through November 15th on a draft set of regulations based on the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). Shining a spotlight on food safety is a great idea and something that consumer advocates have been working toward for a long time. Clearly there are safety problems with our nation’s food system, and we have seen what happens when unsafe food gets into the marketplace. Unfortunately, the draft rules have some real problems and could undermine small vegetable farms like my own. Please take action by hopping over to the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition’s website where …

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The Dryer Diaries

I know this blog has been on the very, very quiet side lately.  Sort of taking an unintended sabbatical, even though hundreds of little ideas keep jumping into my head to write about.  No promises on doing better since I will be away from a computer a bit this summer, but there is always hope! On the farm, I am pretty giddy to have my very own project. Sort of like a room of my own within the larger farm operation.  For a little history, my husband and I started out farming as equal partners. But after children, I pretty …

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Introducing the Perfect Flower


So it turns out we have been growing flowers for ten years now and that is a while.  We have raised lilies, glads, snapdragons, asters and all manner of zinnias and sunflowers. We have learned about selling to florists, wholesalers and farmer’s market customers.  We have brought flowers to weddings and parties and some of our flowers have even found their way to the White House. We have dried them, made wreaths and filled our dining room table countless times with abundant bunches.  But I feel like the super simple blue cornflower on the long delicate stem is the best …

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