Rosh Hashanah and the Bees


Well my tech free summer is over so I hope to return to this blog and I hope some of my readers are still with me. We are harvesting winter squash and fall greens and getting ready to celebrate Rosh Hashanah. I want to share a new piece I have up on Jewish Food Experience about apples, honey and pollination. I learned so much writing this piece and now I want to go out and learn about the hundreds (thousands?) of different pollinators that fly through our farm during the season. The photograph above is a wild bee on a …

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Spring on the Farm

I thought I would share some images of a few things happening on the farm. We are picking our first delicious strawberries – they are Chandlers and they are coming in beautifully right now.  My daughter (she is 2)  calls them Princess Berries and she plans to grow them when she grows up.   Of course picking and eating strawberries is great fun and the children love it. They are showing up in pancakes and smoothies too and will go into our first CSA shares that we deliver tomorrow. Last week, these two new hives of bees sat on my mantle …

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February Fondant

by Tanya Tolchin I found my husband standing at the stove today dumping white sugar into a giant canning pot and rooting around for the elusive tiny jar of cream of tartar.  He was making his first fondant, armed with a circa 1921 recipe and a candy thermometer.  Fondant is that smooth white frosting you see on wedding cakes.  You might consider the date, February 14th and assume he is preparing a wonderful Valentine ’s Day delicacy inspired by the Ace of Cakes. In fact, he is preparing the fondant for his three beehives.  This late in the winter, many …

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