Famous Radishes and Catching Up


The snow has melted and we are flying into spring with lots of seeds to plant and changes underway. If you did not see it already, our farm was featured in a Jewish farmer story in the Washington Post food section.  This was very exciting for lots of reasons. First, Susan Borocas the writer wound up interviewing two of my farming mentors for the story including the farmer from the very first farm I interned on when I was in college.  Second, they used several of my photos and a recipe.  And finally, they even tested my recipe and dressed …

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Weather Drama and Learning About Snow

What better time to start a weather unit than the famous month of March.  We are definitely still in the “in like a lion” phase and there are plenty of teachable moments happening right outside our classroom doors!  And most of our students have enjoyed extra outdoor time on our unplanned “snow days” and are sharing all kinds of reports. Elementary is starting a weather unit, learning how to read clouds, reviewing the water cycle and even building and testing made barometers.  The HDP and FDP classes both learned how to use the loops to study ice crystals. FDP has …

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Writing Down Writing Goals


It is resolution season (eye rolls allowed) and most of us have some.  I spent New Years Day cleaning the house and wondering how we got to 2015 without any housecleaning robots. Really, there are smart phones and drones but somehow it is still mostly up to women to get the dust gathered on rags or stuffed in vacuum bags. And when my phone tries to talk, it still sounds like Mac Classic’s Talking Moose circa 1993, just saying. So, time to set some goals. I am hoping to hit 2015 a bit harder with writing. Starting by showing up …

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New Writing


I published a couple of new articles this month that I want to share here.  One is a piece about my grandfather’s NYC fruit and vegetable store   and the second is on trying to embrace the temporary during sukkot. Maybe you want to click over and read them. Lots of other writing ideas are bubbling up for me now, so we will see what comes next! Happy end of October!  Expect some posts about nature based preschool and elementary school ideas. And winter on the farm, which is coming fast.  

Rosh Hashanah and the Bees


Well my tech free summer is over so I hope to return to this blog and I hope some of my readers are still with me. We are harvesting winter squash and fall greens and getting ready to celebrate Rosh Hashanah. I want to share a new piece I have up on Jewish Food Experience about apples, honey and pollination. I learned so much writing this piece and now I want to go out and learn about the hundreds (thousands?) of different pollinators that fly through our farm during the season. The photograph above is a wild bee on a …

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Crimson Clover and an Article

crimson clover

It is finally spring on the farm and things are moving really fast right now. We are starting our CSA shortly, asparagus and lettuce are coming in and crimson clover is turning the fields red with flowers. Crimson clover is a cover crop that helps feed the soil by fixing nitrogen. The beautiful red flowers are a bonus and they are great for pollinators and photo ops.  I would love to find some floral designers who love them as much as I do because we have lots of it every spring.  Here is a view of the clover stand now. …

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Happy End of Passover

Today, I was happy to get the children down to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum today to say goodbye to the dinosaur hall before it is closed for renovation fort 5 years — a span of time unimaginable to my 4 year old.  We managed to tear through millions of years in a matter of 40 minutes.  On the way home, I fielded amazing questions about evolution from my 7 year old. It is time to check some Darwin books out of the library because we were quickly in over my  head. Also, I want to share a piece I …

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A Toast to Spring on the Farm

DSC_0117 (2)

I have a new piece up today over at Jewish Food Experience, a new online Jewish Food magazine based in DC with lots of great material and recipes. I will contribute one piece a month to the site related to farm life and food. You can jump over to read my first piece about chia seeds, frog eggs and vernal pools  which includes my first attempt at a cocktail recipe. Here is an image of our baby fig trees wrapped up for winter that our children thought was a Halloween display we made and forgot to tell them about. We …

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Purim is Coming: My Hamantaschen Wrap Up


This year I was determined to find my own “house” hamantaschen recipe because it seems every Purim I go searching through my cookbooks and Google and I have never come up with a recipe that I love.  I was looking for something bakery style with a thick cookie crust. So I sent out a plea on my Facebook page asking for suggestions and suddenly recipes were arriving by email and weblinks, even one from a friend of a friend which was so nice.  In the end I wound up combining two recipes but I did keep enough notes to repeat …

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Article in Acres USA this Month

dried cornflower

I had an article published in the fabulous Acres USA magazine this month about our SARE funded project to make dehydrated vegetables like kale chips on our farm. Acres is a great magazine for ecological and sustainable farming ideas of all kinds and it has been in print for the past 40 years! We still have one more  year to work on the grant and get our new products ready for market.   I plan to write more about what happens with the dryer this coming season and post some recipe ideas. Here is a link to a my article in …

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