This blog is written by Tanya Tolchin an organic farmer at Jug Bay Market Garden, a manager at Israeli Harvest,  a writer and a mother.  Topics are primarily organic farming, parenting & Jewish life. Since you likely don’t share all my interests, please use the categories menu on the sidebar or the topic icons on the home pages to jump to topics of interest.

The name refers to a few things. First, I read that many people consider lettuce to be the quintessential vegetable, possibly representing the very essence of the vegetable world. I live on a small family organic vegetable farm in Maryland, so lettuce and other vegetables are at the center of our lives and table.

Secondly,  I am beginning to sew and many mothers of little girls can tell you that the “lettuce edge” is as lovely as it is ubiquitous. It adorns the bottom of baby tees, the edge of ruffles and the tops of cute little socks with a soft, waving and curling edge.

And finally the name is a play on the cutting edge. I am trying to figure out new and edgy ways to approach farming, parenting  and Jewish life. It might sound serious, but I promise to try to write with a sense of humor and humility — because when man (or woman) plans (a blog) — G-d laughs.

Guest writers are always welcome, send an email to thelettuceedge  @  gmail.  com or leave me a comment.  Guest posts can be found here.

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  1. How do I order a Purim basket for delivery in Washington DC? Hurry!!!

  2. DIane, please visit the website http://www.israeliharvest.com and you will see how to order. Thanks!

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